No need to put your baggage down.

You arent staying!

Ive heard enough of the pain and the lies.

My heart was your alibi as you led and murdered what I had in store.

You changed me, rearranged me, and enhanced my feelings about love.

The emotional token you left went unspoken.

It gained entry into a minefield of rejection.

Affection was gained, yet trust was lost.

You won my mind, and now my heart is gone.


No Fool

I understand I have you on a pedestal.

I hold you that high because emotionally that is where I fell for you.

Eventually I will come down , yet I want to have that same breath of air.

You renew my spirit in what is different and new.

In reality I know you will change, because the infatuation I had was a mask to the genuine you.

I’m not asking you to be an angel.

Please don’t ever make me a fool.


Mental Strain

I’m not as strong as I pretend.

When fortunes change my faith becomes estranged.

What remains are lessons of pain, issue, and mental strain.

I never win when I relive unlearned lessons that repeat.


Struggle promotes progress, yet how do I love again?

I give my heart to reach the beat that keeps me from the snare.

Maybe the need for patience?



Wish Granted

We took love for granted until individual’s answered the call. Selfishness clawed, scratched, and lust broke our flaws. The consistency of an illusionary fall.

In our obsession of being (in) love we claimed the imagery of success. Insecurity stowed away in shame.

Past relationships, lost causes, and empty promises were towed ONE WAY.

We did, but we didn’t move together.

We were together in speech and separate in bad weather.



Some people cannot do simple acts of life because it does not correspond to their basic principles of life.

They only know how to use their routine of operations to make the subtraction that detach them from standing out.

The linear approach to life leaves you in the same line as everyone else.

You will be waiting for the attraction of a lifetime, for a lifetime! You don’t even know what you are waiting for!

You BASICALLY are after the crowd to the main attractions of life and temptation.

People tend to make the same basic similar safe responses so they can stay in step with those around them. Being stagnate shows that you are unwilling to move forward!

Basically you have sold out to show that your life is a carbon dated copy of mediocrity, and a message of a white flag to surrender your free will to those around you!

Yes you have the foundation! Knowing the basics is great, but if you don’t graduate to learn more and you relax on your BASIC knowledge you will never learn the intricacies of what is ahead of you.

Knowing the foundation is sometimes a curse because you learn to rely on something you already knew. At this point you don’t want to progress in knowledge!

There is an ability to change is always an inspiration, but your thoughts always ask “what is the cost of change and does it outweigh the knowledge of what I BASICALLY want?”

Change always leaves extra to excel in! Being a basic man, woman, worker, follower, leader leaves you in a box of BASIC tools!

Your thoughts are contrary to the truth of your ability! You know the BASICS, now learn effectiveness with new knowledge!


Do You Know?

I didn’t know at the time, but I listened to every word.

Paying attention wasn’t my strong suit.

I was a jack of all trades.

I thought I knew what I knew.

I pretended I knew.

The lessons learned were ingrained in the mental stains of love. 

They laid the foundation of who I became.