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Fall to the fertile soil to pray.

Dig up your blessings.

Plant your prayers on a solid foundation.

Cry tears of compassion and love to water its progress.

Let God bear fruit for you in His season.


Sustaining Winds

Our daily events place us into momentary solutions that  do not solve our everyday problems. Each week we are faced with the plan of praying through problems with the same prayer.

Our attitude toward God is “He automatically is supposed to clear room for exactly what we want.”

 We struggle from week to weak because we wait for a momentary event to happen!

We live in the illusion, “God I need your help, but I want it to happen on my time!”

The nonsense we breathe from society overtake’s our personal devotion to God. God has already decided exactly how everything is going to pan out, yet we follow our script.

As a daily reminder we must remember who gives us the sustenance to survive.  We cannot lean on the fat of life that gives momentary satisfaction.

Emotional high’s that lead to wicked mind numbing low’s.

Seek the everlasting bread of life that sustains the perpetual flow of Christ that is indwelling in your heart.

Interior Design

Everyone has a vision statement to claim! But out of all the recessive lights who will put in the constructive work?

There will always be a next.

A portrait of paint by numbers, to add or subtract from the lien put on your internal home-made dreams.

From Melting Pot luck, society brings a dream of mediocrity to everyone’s opening scene.

Remember, there is always someone ready to exploit the ideas of the next “it” person.

Always someone to pillage the village of your God given theme!

But who wants to put in the time to build, a palace of aspirations, the respiration, to breathe life into God’s inspiration?

Life has shown that talk is cheap; it costs you nothing to pay me your mind, if we pay attention the change will come in time!

opportunities are made from scratch. Through the lens of rustic flashlights of silence are those ingenious ideas of faith driven dialects birthed in the darkness of public doubts.

No one but God knows how far you will climb, or how far you will go. They have gassed you up for a long time, now its your turn to shut up and drive thru what God has destined to do for you!

Not everyone in your screen will play along with the cast that God has thrown into the pot of affections and streams.

From days to hours, minutes, to seconds, thirds to umpthteenth times your vision should never be viewed in the view of the people in your zone. The more and more you speak the more you devalue your God’s property!

The aura and the allure are whats in store, don’t sell the farm. God’s plan is for you and you alone! How can you possibly talk your way out of God’s daytime minutes, only to lose your family plan?

When you broadcast your newsflash across the jumbotron of the public’s eye you are clearly becoming the CNN of your busi-ness!

The idleness of leaving your dreams in park will let people around you take the keys to your happiness and allow them to valet park the wrong notes!

Too many of us need to hear the approved message of others to approve the message that was already approved by the most High! It was already impregnated in our DNA.

Do Not Assume

God didn’t want to do it his way!


My heart is mired in the weeds.

Let me smoke out the negativity and inhale the dreams of my mind’s soliloquy.

Grass grows green when maturity is planted from the seeds within me.

I pray my growth spurt is seen in the harvest that water from this spiritual being.

Heaven Knows

I don’t have to hope for heaven because I prayed.

Faith is my movement so fear never stays.

In the time it took you to read this, I prayed.

For everyone.


Man of Mahogany

I cried today. My heart crept on the page. This is what I have to say. The voices in my spirit told me everything would be ok, yet my mind is disappointing what I really need to say.

I cried so hard that tears bruised my heart. The internal solitude I have is withering inside. I’m still alive but the black and blue stains of pains against the muscles, tissues, and fat that insulate the membrane’s leave pain. I kept hurt in lock and key in the memories I tried to erase. Continue reading


Naked as the day we were born, we hide.

Within the confines of lust, we sleepwalk in our lies.

Shade hides light,

and the truth closes eyes.

We clothed our minds to disguise the naked truth.

The under garments of lies.

To keep our sanctity we blamed our alibi on Eve.

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What Does Your Relationship Say About You?

The relationships we engage in are hitting on something. Relationships can be positive, or negative according to your attitude.

Truth is they are growing in one direction or the other, but when we choose to stay in a relationship a constant assessment (snapshot) must take place.

Why are we a part of them or why are we a part from “them”?

We try to attach ourselves to things that are comfortable in the moment. Continue reading

Too Blessed To Be Stressed?

If you are too blessed to be stressed you may be in  a mess. There is no way you are not selfish and enamored at your own success!

I’m tired of hearing people saying they are too blessed to be stressed!

As Christians we are giving many people false hope about God’s promises. No where in the Bible does it say that you will be blessed and live with no speed bumps on your journey!

In Christ we have refuge, a solemn place to lay our burdens.

That does not sound like the blessed that is advertised by many. When we are blessed we are in that place where we are humbled. A place where everything around us might not be going right, but we know God has our best interest in His purpose!

God always delivers to those who in principle collect the interest from his Word! Realize when you are blessed, we are stressed, going through a season, tested, safe from harm, and sometimes questioning God’s motives.

So again I say if you are blessed you have to be stressed and stretched out your limits! He knows what he is working with, but we do not know the limitations that God has imposed upon us.

If we need further proof from God that we are too blessed to be stressed. Bring the unadulterated version of the Bible that many leave out in conversation and look to the story of Job. Not the job you worship and go to everyday, oops I stepped on someone’s toes. I meant look to the Job of the Bible and see his story.

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Do You Hear “Him” Now?

God’s voice needs to be heard in the mobs of proclaimers with their harsh words. Whether a word, humanities atrocities, or a spoken word.

God is the declaration proclamation we in this generation have never heard. It’s not live, but do we really understand his red words? God’s role as CEO of this relationship is to inspire, rehire, and never fire those who have lost love in their job with God. Continue reading