Paying Compliment

There is something about love that keeps hold of me.

I’ll blame it for how I feel. Emotions get the best of me.

I forget that unconditional love consoles me.

It’s something I pray for daily, yet it’s in me.

Temptations ain’t right but lust is real to what I choose to see.

Love is the only one that has a hold on me.

So I hold tight to memories that fulfill my dreams.

They don’t complete me, but love compliments me.

Sometimes joy is the only thing I pray for.

Loves overflow refreshes me.


If You Think Your Lonely Now

A common theme in life is that at times we feel alone. We try to humanize our loneliness.  We marry ideas that divorce the intuitions we have in our memories.

Loneliness does not mean that we are alone.

This state of mind has more to do with chemical signals and what messages we choose to receive or hide.

The psychological and emotional way we view the hues of what’s offered gives mood swings that whiff at the balls thrown by life.

For some the cure for loneliness is to go out and surround ourselves with like-minded people.

But in a funk of loneliness what ideas will we infuse into our emotions?

We will go into social outlets, but what our we plugging into?

Loneliness can only be erased from within. Dry erase daily thoughts leaving your mark by overwriting your thoughts.

Disconnect from the overload of emotions.


I Walk Alone

My life keys can play a repeating song if I repeat my wrong notes by singing the blues and thinking dark hues as I walk alone.

In my mind I don’t have a home. I move from foster thoughts to foster thoughts of yesterday that have little impact on the preparation getting me closer to home. I walk alone.

Ever since I remembered how to think, I thought when I move does that mean I can get along? I always walk with my heart in my hand with the knife of life taking a stab at piercing my soul to have me think what’s wrong.

The Devil always tries to capture me when I walk alone. He tries to coerce me, looks to hurt me, and at times I run to Him.

In lust my emotions curse God, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

He allows me walk alone when I leave God and try to find a more suitable home. The Devil has more power when I turn God off and turn my lusts on! In this walk I take I often choose the path of the powder keg of emotions that could lead me to blow my mind and subtract the God that is in my home (heart). I walk alone.

As you see my steps in life you never know if I’m being carried because I walk alone. Only one set of footsteps will let you see if I make any missteps, that is the only time you look to see if I walk alone.

You see in the sand the faults of where I fall. The depths of hell are the holes that are dug as obstacles to the goals I have grown. From the hell I raised you look at the child of my past as the present day maturity you look to as I write this poem.

I work with God alone, sleep alone, dream alone, meditate alone, and get caught with my heart on my sleeve alone. I’ll make my mark alone, so you can see the impact God leaves when His glory is clear in what I do alone.  I eat alone, yet you say I’m malnourished. Sorry I don’t eat the crow you throw-up alone!

I will shed light upon the dark alone.

As I walk alone I eat my daily bread alone, yet I grow everyday. Its ok, the only thing you choose to see are my growing pains of the hunger strike from the world as I walk alone.

You look at what I eat so much, yet I try to feed you what I eat, maybe you’re not ready for the food, I have to eat alone.

No love in the world can correct that God is the only reason I can be what I am. Some people can barely accept the thought of that! In this world of copycats, God has copyrighted the actions and expressed consent of the words I use to hit the balls thrown at me as I stand at bat.

In my life I’m not trying to hit home runs, I’m looking to move my thoughts home. Continue the rallying cry to bring God back into the hearts and minds of everyone’s home!

The longest walk I’ll take will be alone. Glad God will be there to carry me Home!