Love Is…

Excuse me, I don’t want to seem hard or appear more than meets the eyes. I want to be as transparent as clear skies.

I Love to Love!

Show Love. Give Love. Spread Love.

Accept Love. Share Love. Feel Loved,

Above the struggles, worries, frustration and fear that seize Love.

I live through Love to live around the arms and grace of Love.

I can’t see God, but in you I understand…

Unconditional LOVE!


Paying Compliment

There is something about love that keeps hold of me.

I’ll blame it for how I feel. Emotions get the best of me.

I forget that unconditional love consoles me.

It’s something I pray for daily, yet it’s in me.

Temptations ain’t right but lust is real to what I choose to see.

Love is the only one that has a hold on me.

So I hold tight to memories that fulfill my dreams.

They don’t complete me, but love compliments me.

Sometimes joy is the only thing I pray for.

Loves overflow refreshes me.


Come Back

Inebriated on love I’ll confess some.

I’ve loved lust and learned from temptation.

In the end the charity of life won.

Love has taken me from heartache to the testimony of the overcome.

I had to comeback to life to show I hadn’t turned my back on love.

The commencement speech of what I’ve become.

That’s love.

Poetic Justice


The days grew cold as you waited for his ego to run out. Your stomach and your breast grew. Who knew he would leave to?

He whispered words that encouraged your urge to forgive his actions him for the meantime. In the mean time unanswered calls erased your smile. You loved him in emotion, yet your heart was the alter-ego of the text’s he wrote.

You called out for answers, please speak to me. His touch was all you wanted but the pitter-patter of what mattered was your heart, it was little feat. Creeping towards the moment you would see him everyday.

He may not be around, but the child he bare lay claim to the love you made. Your appearance of love is seen everyday. You miss him, but your child cries the songs of life that lead a spiritual miracle.

They ask how can you love him, you say easy…

Look at my child’s face.


Vital Signs

My hands stay high to testify. You see my arms up, yet you yell freeze to arrest my development. You choose to use excessive force of your mental elements.

The reality is you lie to cardiac arrest and subdue love.

Do you choose to kill me, or are you attempting to resuscitate our love?

A man scorned hurts inside with pride, his lies, and the expectations of others who hold a space in his life.

His character is on the line.

We put it all out there on the floor to show we are more than anger and judgement.

That’s why I lie motionless looking at the sky. I’m praying upward asking why. I believe love will bring me back to life.

Are you loving me or busy fighting internal affairs?

My Heart To Yours

Old Fashioned

My love’s old-fashioned. Yet it still works the way it is. My heart is classic. Love exudes from my soul to show what love truly is. I’ve travelled back in time to remind you what genuine love really is.

The good ol’ days of holding your heart while reaching your hand. The entitlement of knowing I am your man. I’ll hold the door to show the world I adore the appreciation of a timeless woman.

Love is timeless, but my words are right on time. In reality I open love to reach your body, soul and mind.

Love repeats itself.

This kind of love never goes out of style.