Poetic Justice


The days grew cold as you waited for his ego to run out. Your stomach and your breast grew. Who knew he would leave to?

He whispered words that encouraged your urge to forgive his actions him for the meantime. In the mean time unanswered calls erased your smile. You loved him in emotion, yet your heart was the alter-ego of the text’s he wrote.

You called out for answers, please speak to me. His touch was all you wanted but the pitter-patter of what mattered was your heart, it was little feat. Creeping towards the moment you would see him everyday.

He may not be around, but the child he bare lay claim to the love you made. Your appearance of love is seen everyday. You miss him, but your child cries the songs of life that lead a spiritual miracle.

They ask how can you love him, you say easy…

Look at my child’s face.

My Heart To Yours


I prayed for rain and the seeds of love came. A storm of emotions lasted for nights. All the days I planted my heart next to yours. I patiently waited as we grew together. Despite the weather outside, I knew we would survive.

We didn’t always see the light, but we were under the sun. The growth of your seed allowed us to grow. Beauty broke the surface.

I patiently waited for the fragrance of your bloom to reach me. You were as beautiful as the aroma of being near you. I awaited your arrival above ground. 

You opened up to me. 

The flower of your inner soul came out of the ground to show your growth. I held your hand as you stood out in the garden. 

Please share your sunlight with me. I want to bask in your glow.